Digital Delivery for Photographers

Digital Delivery for Photographer on CloutalAlthough there are several tools today where photographers uses to deliver image products to their respective clients. Here are several features that highlights Cloutal digital delivery platform.

Our goal at Cloutal is to provide one platform for all professional photographers and videographers to deliver content to their clients. Here are features that separates Cloutal from other platforms:

Support both photos and videos

If you are a photographer, you may wonder how does this impact my work.  However, if you are, say a wedding couple, you want all your media to be in one place.  Rather than having the client to receive photos on one platform and video with another, Cloutal provides support for both types of media. Users can access both types of content seamlessly.

customizeD Access Control

Cloutal is the first to introduce customized access control on a digital delivery platform.  Many digital delivery tools today allow user to set password or obtain a private link to their photo album.  Here at Cloutal, you can select specific images or video that user can have access to right on your finger tips.  You can upload an entire album of images and only deliver photos that your client purchased.

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

Not only can you maintain access control to individual images, you can also control number of shares your client are allowed to share with. Cloutal introduces share credit where you can allow the number of users your clients and share their albums with.

Watermark images

We do all the work so you don’t have to.  As you upload images to Cloutal platform, you can watermark all images with a single click. That’s it!

Download made easy

User can either download individual images or download the entire photo album with a simple click.  You can also control whether user can download original images or only web sized images.